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Induction session for new staff

June 22, 2015

Thirty-Four (34)new recruits from the Financial Planning and Control Division (FPCD) participated in an induction session on Friday 12th June 2015.

This session coincides with the decision taken to transfer all accounting staff from all organisations to the Ministry of Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy (MFTBE).

It was aimed at recently recruited staff of the Ministry of Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy, giving participants basic understanding of the role and functions of the different department. They had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Mission, Vision, Mandate and Organigram of the MFTBE. their roles and responsibilities and expectations. The new recruits were also introduced to legislative frameworks and policies.

There was also an overview of the importance and functions of Public Relations and Media for the MFTBE. Presentations were also made by the Deputy Comptroller General, Ms. Irene Croisee and head of sections, Ms. Seylina Verghese, Director Public Budget Management ans Mrs. Gretel Quatre, Chief Accountant.

The session was conducted by respective heads from the FPCD. Mr. Damien Thesee, Comptroller General of the FPCD, urged the new recruits to take their work seriously and adopt professional standards to maintain a good image of the Ministry.

The management and staff of the Ministry take this opportunity to welcome the new recruits on board.

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