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Members of the Seychelles National Youth Assembly, to be more involved in the Blue Economy and Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative, as of next year.

December 21, 2016

Monday 21st December 2016: Victoria- Members of the SNYA are now more knowledgeable on the Blue Economy Concept and the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiatives, EITI, after following a half-day session.

The session was organized by the Blue Economy Department, with the aim of engagingandfamiliarizing the youth on the Blue Economy Concept. It was also aimed atincreasing their participation and involvement in the Blue Economy and EITI activities.

The Principal Secretary for the Blue Economy, Ms. Rebecca Lalanne, Mr.Patrick Joseph from PetroSeychelles and Ms. Fatime Kante, facilitated the session. Mr. Philippe Michaud, the Special Advisor for the Blue Economy, Ms. Aurore Arcambal, member of the Multi-Stakeholder Group, Mr. Alvin Laurence, CEO for SNYC, Ms. Jeanetta Ally, SNYA Coordinator and Mrs. Marie-May Bastienne, were also present at the dissemination session.

Members of the SNYA proposed that an internship programme be introduced for the Blue Economy, conduct field visits at Petro Seychelles, amongst other things. P.S Lalanne pointed out that the internship programme already exists at UNISEY. Mr. Joseph, on his part welcomed the idea of the field visit, stating that this is an ongoing initiative. Students have conducted visits on a regular basis at Petro Seychelles and that the SNYA is most welcomed to contact the office to effect a visit.

The CEO for SNYC, Mr. Alvin Laurence, encouraged the participation of SNYA in the Blue Economy and EITI activities. He pointed out that now members are better equipped with new information, and proposed that a motion to raise public awareness with the aim of bringing more clarity on what is going on in the petroleum sector, the EITI and the Blue Economy be tabled next year. This, he said will also encourage youth involvement and participation.

Mr. Laurence said that as of next year, the SNYC is planning a big Conference, where there will be presentations from the Blue Economy, and the EITI/Petroleum Sector.

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