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FA4JR Reminder for Submission of July Payroll for Renewal of Assistance And Extension of Deadline

July 31, 2020

FA4JR Reminder for Submission of July Payroll for Renewal of Assistance and Extension of Deadline

Friday 31st July, 2020: The Financial Assistance for Job Retention (FA4JR) Committee wishes to remind businesses that received assistance for the salaries of their staff for the month of June that they are required to submit their July payroll in order to permit the Committee to disburse funds for July.

The July payroll must be submitted in an electronic format via the secure online portal, by clicking on “Apply” under RENEWAL for Financial Assistance of Payrolls (Form 1).

Businesses are requested to ensure that the payroll submitted via the portal meets the following criteria:

  •          Shows only citizen and permanent resident employees
  •          Applies a cap of SR 30,000 in respect of any individual salaries in excess of this amount
  •          Does not add any new employees compared to those who were on the payroll as at March 2020
  •          Does not reflect any increase in salary compared to the March 2020 payroll in respect of any employee
  •          Is completed in the SRC payroll format, and uploaded in an xls, xlsx or xls format.  Templates for the SRC payroll can be downloaded from the online portal itself or from the Seychelles Revenue Commission website.


Upon submission of the July payroll, applicants will receive an automatic confirmation through email, that their application has been received.

The Committee has extended the deadline for submission of the July payrolls as described above to Wednesday, 5th August, 2020.    Any enquiries can be directed to hotline 190 or emailed to



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