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June 08, 2020

Amended Procedures for Assistance for Job Retention for the month of June 2020

Monday 8th June 2020: The FA4JR committee announces new procedures for the application process for the month of June 2020.

  1. All businesses that have been approved for April and/or May will be automatically qualified for June 2020 disbursement with the same amount except for the businesses on the restricted list.

               a)Restricted list; (any of those businesses will need to justify their case)

                                                   i.     Day Care/Child Minding operators,

                                                  ii.     hair dresser/barber shop,

                                                 iii.     retailer/wholesaler/importer of groceries

                                                 iv.     professional services (auditors/tax agent, lawyers, corporate service providers),

                                                 v.     takeaway/tuck shop operators,

                                                 vi.     Medical services

                                                 vii.     Construction class 1 and 2, and

                                                viii.     Omnibus operators (those that have a contract with Government)

     2.  the capping of SCR 30,000 and GOP out of the country will still remain

     3. all applicants that have received a decline letter for the month of April/May 2020 and are not on the restricted list will need to               complete the application again.

    4.  all businesses will need to fill form 1 and/or 2 and this can be done through the hard copy submission or online portal. There                will be an automatic acknowledgement through the online portal. The online portal will be available from Friday 12th June 2020.

    5. Businesses will need to ensure they fill the correct form. Failure to do so will automatically delay the application process for their          business since the documents will need to be re-submitted.

    6. Applicants that have outstanding tax return lodgement with SRC will need to show proof that this has been finalised by providing          a tax clearance certificate or latest tax return lodge.

    7. Applicants will need to show proof that they have paid the April 2020 income tax and SPF employees’ liability to SRC and SPF                respectively.

   8.  Any existing applicants that have a change in payroll downward will need to advise the committee by Friday the 12th June 2020

   9.  The application process will be opened;

         a) Hard Copies applications: from Wednesday the 10th of June to Wednesday the 17th of June 2020

         b) Online applications: from Friday 12th of June to Friday Monday 22nd of June 2020.

  10. All District Administrators office and MFTIEP will have a logging system for all hard copies applications. Thus, all applicants will             need to ensure they sign the logbook.

For any further enquiries, please call 190 during working hours or email 

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