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launching of the 11th European Development Fund, EDF, project

November 27, 2019

Press Advisory

Wednesday 27th November 2019: The launching of the 11th European Development Fund, EDF, project will take place on Thursday 28th November 2019 at 4.30 pm, Liberty House.

 The allocation for Seychelles is Euros 10 million.

Seychelles signed the Financing Agreement for the 11th EDF on the 16th of April 2019, and through this the Government aims to reach 78% full compliance of the EU-ESA interim Economic Partnering Agreement (iEPA) by 2022.

The objectives of the project are to improve the efficiency ownership and capacity to manage and implement the current EPA, as well as other trade and regional integration agreements, support value chains upgrading in the manufacturing, agriculture and fisheries sectors  and job creation through high value addition, including through using environmentally friendly production techniques, increasing the sectors’ competitiveness and development of SMEs and improve trade facilitation and trade and investment promotion.

Institutions benefiting from this programme are the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture, Fair Trading Commission, National Consumer’s Forum, Seychelles Investment Board, Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Seychelles Revenue Commission and the Ministry of Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning.

We would appreciate media coverage.


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