Press Conference update on SME Seed Capital- Start Up Scheme

June 22, 2017

A Press Conference is being organised on Monday 26th June 2017, at 9.00a.m, at the Ministry of Employment, Entrpreneuship Development and Business Innovation, Independence House, 5th Floor, with the aim of providing an update on the Seed Capital Start Up Grant, now that forms are already available at the Ministry Of Finance, Trade and Economic Planning, the Ministry of Employment, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation as well as the SENPA Employment Offices on Praslin and La Digue.

A seed capital committee has been set up and members will be presented to the media during the press conference. They will give an overview of the committee’s roles and on several points including the amount that has been increased from R25, 000 to R50, 000, and no restrictions on the use of funds but to allow applicants to state through the application form the purposes for which the funds shall be used.

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