High level delegation concludes strategic mission to Australia on Tax Administration and Customs Management

May 18, 2023

Last week, Minister Hassan led a delegation to Australia, where they had discussions with officials from the Australian Tax Office, Australia Border Force, Treasury Department and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
The key objectives of the mission were:
• To firstly establish key contacts for long term cooperation within the Australian ministries of Foreign Affairs and Treasury, as well as the ATO and ABF;
• To explore options for educational scholarships and training opportunities for Seychelles on Tax administration & Customs management;
• To identify areas and modes of technical assistance between the ATO, ABF and the SRC
• To share experiences and know-how on the development of key strategic areas of revenue administration and customs management, including workforce planning and Human Resources; and,
• To identify and interview possible candidates for the post of Revenue Commissioner.
Minister Hassan has described the mission as ‘eye opening.’
“The efficacy of the Australian tax administration and customs management is of high standard. This visit to exchange and share expertise comes at an opportune time, as it is a priority for the government to bring about much needed reforms in our tax administration, boost efficiency in tax collection, processes and building the capacity of the staff of SRC and Customs. We now look forward in consolidating the newly established working relationship, especially with the ATO and ABF in order to enhance our engagement, in particular on a technical level.”
Read the press release for more.


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