Trade Officers attend training on Trade Remedies

February 15, 2023

Officials from the Trade Department and the Office of the Attorney General have undergone training on Trade Remedies from the Advisory Centre on World Trade Organization Law (ACWL) in light of the drafting of Seychelles’ first Trade Remedies Legislations.

The ACWL delivered the two-phased training on trade remedies in a bid to increase the technical and legal capacities in trade remedy matters.

The training was initiated in order to facilitate the continued drafting of Seychelles’ first Trade Remedies legislations which, upon its entry into force, will allow Seychelles’ government to take remedial action against injurious imports to its domestic industries through the use of trade policy tools.

The objectives of the trainings were to provide an understanding of the rules and principles of trade remedies as stipulated in the relevant World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreements; to aid Seychelles in the drafting process of its Trade Remedies legislations; and to build knowledge on the practical application of trade remedies, its investigation procedures, and its key calculations.

Phase I of the training took place through 9 virtual sessions (3 hours each) from 17th October – 24th November, 2022, which covered procedural and technical aspects of trade remedies, focusing on theoretic perspectives under the relevant WTO agreements.

Phase II, held in Geneva at the ACWL Offices from 23rd – 27th January, 2023, ensured the convergence of theoretical and practical aspects, including through interactive exercises, practical calculations, and participating in a moot hearing as a key party before the Investigation Authority, led by the ACWL lawyers.

The Trade Division and Attorney General’s Office will continue to work on the draft legislations with a view to present the drafts to the Cabinet of Ministers, thereafter tabled to the National Assembly for approval, before the end of the year 2023.

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