MRP and 25% fuel exemption and concession of fuel for cargo ferries are in force

October 17, 2022

Two new measures announced by the government in September, to ease the financial pressure off customers, due to the high cost of commodities worldwide have taken effect since the 01st of October.

The Excise Tax (Fuel Exemptions and Concessions) (Amendment) Regulations 2022, allows for licensed cargo ferries, transporting cargo between Mahe, Praslin and Ladigue, to benefit from a 25% fuel exemptions and concessions on the Excise Tax charged on the commodity.

The Control of Supplies and Services (Maximum Retail on Articles Purchased from Seychelles Trading Company Limited) Order 2022 has as objective guaranteeing that the price of the 14 basic commodities imported by STC is the same on all three islands.

Both measures will be in effect for a one year period.

The latest measures are part of a series that the government is implemented since July, including:

1. Temporary financial assistance up to R500 for those earning less than R9,000 monthly (employees, pensioners, disability/invalidity benefits recipients)

2. Electricity Support of R300 for those earning less than R9,000 monthly

3. Free breakfast for students who registered at both primary and secondary state schools

4. Free lunch for pupils who registered at Primary state schools.

5. Improvement in the quality of school meals

6. 32% increase in welfare weights

7. 13th month payment (50% guaranteed/50% based on performance)

8. Revision in salary (2023)

To access the documents, click on the link below.

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