Listing of companies presents new avenues for investors as well as new options for companies to raise capital

September 26, 2022

The Minister for Finance, National Planning and Trade, is urging investors to buy shares when companies are listed on the stock exchange, and such, for companies to explore this option to raise much needed capital.

Minister Naadir Hassan, made the appeal, while speaking at the official listing of telecommunications company, Cable & Wireless Seychelles, on the MERJ Stock Exchange, this morning.

“As the country embarks on its next stage of economic development and transformation, the deepening of the financial market is critical is this process. No longer can we rely only on traditional methods for raising financing. Hence, the development of the capital market is key if we are to accelerate economic growth and create wealth for our people.”

He said the government, along with its partners are working towards ensuring the ‘best regulatory framework and a conducive environment for the financial markets.’

“A well-regulated and developed capital market can provide the appropriate environment to offer such options to the public and that is why the government is committed to continued review of its framework to foster a deepening of the capital market in Seychelles. We aim to provide an environment which encourages more companies to come forward and list, and more buyers to participate in taking up shares.”

Along this line, he has also noted that more needs to be done to create more awareness and education on the matter.

For the initial listing, CWS intends to sell off 2% of its shares to private investors, be it companies or individuals.

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