Surge in COVID 19 positive cases – alarming, but so far, the economic figures are still good

January 14, 2022

The Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Trade is closely monitoring the economic situation in the country, due to the current surge in the number of COVID 19 positive cases.

Speaking to the national broadcaster, SBC, this morning, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Trade, Patrick Payet, urged the population to adhere to the health regulations in place and to get vaccinated to help stop the spread of the virus.

“Anything we do as individuals, can indirectly affect the economic recovery of the country, and this in return will directly impact on us as individuals, if we do not take our personal responsibility seriously.”

SS Payet, said, for now, the economic figures are still good, but cautioned against the many uncertainties.

“We have always said we are still facing a lot of uncertainties, and now with this surge, it is alarming, and thus we are monitoring the situation closely.”

SS Payet noted that if the ‘figures continue on its current trend, it can impact on the budget.’

“The Ministry do not want to be in the position where we will have to re-assess the budget.”

SS Payet, pointed out that in 2021, the Ministry of Health got additional financial resources from the Contingency Fund (R35 million) and from the COVID 19 Relief Fund (R72 million), to support its COVID 19 effort.

This is an additional R107 million, which was not budgeted for the ministry, apart from SR50 million under Contingency.

“So far, the Ministry of Health has not requested additional funding.”

The Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Trade is urging all who can, to get vaccinated and to respect the health regulations in place, in order to bring the number of positive COVID 19 cases down, allowing our economic recovery to continue.

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