World Competition Day - A message from Minister Hassan

December 05, 2021

To mark World Competition Day, 05th December, the Minister for Finance, Economic Planning and Trade, Naadir Hassan, has said that competition is 'essential to the operation of many economies both big and small.'
In a message issued for the day, Minister Hassan noted that because of the current COVID 19 pandemic, 'there has been an increase in the level of inequality within and between countries.'
"This situation presents a challenge for all countries to tackle and an opportunity to strive towards the goal of reducing socio-economic inequality and improving readiness for future economic shocks. A resilient and inclusive competition policy will supplement other efforts which will bring about the maximum long-term benefits for consumers, enterprises and the society as a whole."
The theme for this year’s World Competition Day is “Competition Policy for an inclusive and resilient economy”.
In Seychelles, it is the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) which is the custodian of the Fair Competition Act 2009.
FTC, falls under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Trade.
Below is the link to the video recording of Minister Hassan's message.

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