Improvement in trade, main focus of discussions between Minister Hassan and new Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Seychelles

October 27, 2021

The new Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Seychelles, has paid a courtesy call on the Minister for Finance, Economic Planning and Trade, Naadir Hassan, on Tuesday 26th October, at Liberty House.

Ambassador David Douglas Hamadziripi, pointed out that he wanted to meet with Minister Hassan, so as to ‘better appreciate the state of Seychelles economy’, post the COVID 19 pandemic.

Minister Hassan gave him an overview of the situation since coming into office, as well as an update of the progress being made, which he attributed largely to the successful vaccination program and the re-opening of the country’s borders., earlier this year.

“Our indicators show the Seychelles economy is recovering slowly but steadily, and according to our projection the current recovery will continue, provided we are not derailed from this current path.”

Ambassador Hamadziripi has said that Zimbabwe, is pushing for more diversification of its economy, which is also one of the main priority areas of the Seychelles government.

Improvement in trade between Zimbabwe and Seychelles, was also a main point of discussion during the meeting.

“Seychelles and Zimbabwe are members of SADC, COMESA and the African Continental Free Trade Area, thus, there should be more trade transactions between the two countries”, said Ambassador Hamadziripi.

Minister Hassan noted the lack of direct air connectivity between Seychelles and Zimbabwe, as the main reason why trade is being impeded.

“Air connectivity between our two countries will make trade easier.”

Figures show that in 2020, Seychelles imported some SR4.7 million worth of goods from Zimbabwe, mainly electrical apparatus for line telephony or line telegraphy and as well unmanufactured tobacco.

Present at the discussion between Minister Hassan and Ambassador Hamadziripi was the Principal Secretary for Economic Planning, Mrs. Elizabeth Agathine.

Below is the link of a photo of Minister Hassan and Ambassador Hamadziripi.

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