For the promotion of standards and team building

January 16, 2017

Having a good rapport, promoting a highstandard and making staff feel a sense of identity towards the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Economic Planning are some of the key focuses of the Minister for Finance, Trade and Economic Planning, Dr. Peter Larose.

Dr. Larose was conducting his first induction visit to the different departments and units under the portfolio of the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Economic Planning. The induction visit started at 10.00a.m today at the Ministry's Headquarters, such as the Central Procurement Unit, the Central Accounts Unit, Public Budget Management Section, IT Section, Cleaners, Security Section and the Internal Audit Division to name but a few. 

During his interactions with staff members, Minister Larose made reference to a scheme of service for staff of the Ministry and encouraged them to continue to develop a professional approach to their work so as to make themselves and the Ministry proud. He spoke of the need to work together as a team and promote dialogue to synergize efforts. The Ministry should be looked upon as the pillar of our administration system. There is an urgent need to adhere to prudent fiscal management, while managing financial risks. On their part, staff welcomed the Minister’s visit and pointed a few challenges, they are facing such as: (i) inadequate space, (ii) need for additional human resources, (iii) modern equipment, and (iv) better salary package.

The Minister will continue his induction visit tomorrow Tuesday 17th January 2017, at the offices of the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC).”

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