Two new publications are now accessible to the public

September 03, 2021

The Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Trade is publishing a bulletin giving an overview of the country’s debt.

The Quarterly Debt Bulletin, as it is known, will allow the public access to know more about the country’s debt profile.

The first edition of the bulletin covers the period between January 2021 to March 2021.

The publication of the Quarterly Debt Bulletin is also in line with the Economic Reform Program, which the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is supporting.

“Making the information in the report accessible to the public is one of the benchmarks set by IMF, as it is designed to increase transparency”, said the Head of the Debt Management Office, Mr. Dick Labonte.

The publication of the report is compiled by the Debt Management Office within the Ministry.

Minister Naadir Hassan has welcomed the compilation and publication of this bulletin.

“The ministry has adopted an open-door policy, where access to public information should be easily and readily available. To publish this bulletin shows the ministry is taking one more step in its mission to operate in full transparency and accountability and it is honouring its commitment made to its international partners.”

The Ministry has also announced that members of the public can have access to the IMF Staff Report.

Click on the link below to access both the Quarterly Debt Bulleting for the first quarter of the year, and the IMF Staff Report.

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