Three new key policies are rolled out by the Ministry

August 24, 2021

The Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Trade is spearheading the development of three new policies, as approved by the Cabinet.

In its weekly sittings, on Wednesday 18th August, the Cabinet gave its go ahead for the development of a Result Based Management Framework, a National Strategic Plan and the Digital Economy.

Result Based Management

While the framework was adopted since 2013, it has not been implemented fully. The Cabinet wants its full implementation in the public service.

Speaking to the media this morning, Minister Naadir Hassan explained that the framework is focus on results and impact.

“We need to adopt a new culture in the public service where we are spending to achieve results and greater impact.”

National Strategic Plan

The new approach in developing a National Strategic Plan is one which will be portfolio/sector driven. This means the national strategic planning in government ‘will follow a portfolio planning approach which will ensure strong leadership and monitoring of planning and implementation of strategic plans.’

Minister Hassan said that in the past it wasnot clear what drives the budget of MDAs, because ‘there was no strategy behind the formulation of the budget’.

“The Government will no longer accept a budget which is not driven by a medium- and long-term strategy.”

When all MDAs have their strategic plan, the adoption of the Result Based Management framework will allow for better planification and monitoring, because it will set benchmark.

Digital Economy

On the other hand, the development of the Digital Economy will assist in the roll out of the RBM framework in the public service.

“The Government can no longer continue with manual process, by adopting new technology, it will free up much needed resources, which can be allocated elsewhere. This is a new way of doing things, where we can do more with less.”

While acknowledging the high cost of going digital, Minister Hassan said, the country as a whole, stands to benefit from this new approach.

“We will prioritise our expenditure and budget preparation, to enable this new transformation to take place.”

Adapting to the digital era will mean a complete change in mindset by everybody and Minister Hassan noted that the new approach will be implemented in phase.

“These are massive changes that are happening in the history of the public service, but the new approach will ensure effectiveness, efficacy, transparency and accountability by all.”

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