First batch of in-house graduates in Diploma in Public Finance Management for the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Economic Planning

December 12, 2016

Twelve accounting staff from the Financial Planning and Control Division (FPCD) in the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Economic Planning, graduated with a Diploma in Public Finance Management at the University of Seychelles on Thursday 1st December 2016.

The graduation ceremony was attended by the Ministry’s Deputy Comptroller General, Ms Irene Croisee and the staffs’ Director for Public Accounts Management, Ms May Paul Marengo, showing the Ministry’s strong commitment towards this course.

The successful graduates were from the 1st and 2nd Cohort of the newly introduced Diploma in Public Finance Management that was launched in 2013. The Ministry in 2013 reformed the reporting lines of all accounting staff to the Ministry of Finance to improve financial and operating accountability of the budget.

The Comptroller General for FPCD, Mr. Damien Thesee stated that “the Ministry is committed to ensure that all of its accounting staff are provided with the necessary capacity development required for them to be better able to deliver on their work. This will then serve as better prospects for themselves as well, to be able to take on more responsibilities and other leading roles in public accounts in the near future”

The Diploma covered several modules with the overall objective of enabling the participants to demonstrate better understanding of financial and economic concepts; the government’s chart of accounts, cash management; asset, liabilities and Public Investment management; the audit process; and strategic and performance management. Program Performance Based Budgeting was also gradually incorporated in the course as government transited to piloting this method in 2014, as well as the principles and practices of public procurement, to name a few.

The course have also been tailored to equip and train the staff with the Government’s financial laws that they would need to apply in their daily responsibilities. The Public Finance Management Act (of 2012), the public financial management regulations (of 2014) and the accounting manual was therefore also included as modules in the diploma course.

Out of each Cohort the best performers were also rewarded for their efforts. Ms Shierley Marie, currently the Senior Accountant seconded to the Office of the President and Ms. Vania Hoareau, Head of Accounts seconded to the Department of Social Affairs came out as best performers in Cohort 1 and 2 respectively. Though often challenging for the employees, to balance their work and private life with studying they persevered and gave their utter best. Ms. Vania Hoareau also achieved a Distinction along with Ms. Pearl Nalletamby, the Financial Controller seconded to the Seychelles Revenue Commission.

The Ministry of Finance would also like to express its gratitude towards the University of Seychelles, particularly to the staff and management of the Guy Morel Institute for this successful partnership in putting up this course.



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