Minister Hassan meets with newly accredited Spanish Ambassador to Seychelles

July 13, 2021

Minister Naadir Hassan, this morning, held discussions with the newly accredited Spanish Ambassador to Seychelles, H.E Manuel Salazar Palma.

Ambassador Palma wanted to know more about the economic/financial situation of Seychelles.

“Minister, you are the first Minister I am meeting after presenting my credentials as I want to have a first-hand view of the performance of the Seychelles economy.”

Minister explained how hard the country’s economy has been hit by the COVID 19 pandemic and how when coming into office, his first priority was to stabilize the situation and relaunch economic activities.

“Thanks to the vaccination programme we have been able to reopen the borders and economic activities are picking up. The economic recovery is slow but it is happening.”

He said it doesn’t help the economic recovery when countries put Seychelles on their red list, urging their nationals not to visit, because what is happening in terms of the infection rate here, is also happening elsewhere.

Ambassador Palma agreed to that statement and said the Spain is currently experiencing a hike in infection rate as well.

Minister Hassan noted that his ministry is currently focusing on trade and customs issues, upgrading and improving revenue collection, and how to tackle profit shifting.

In the past, Seychelles has received technical assistance from the European Union and he made an appeal for this assistance to continue.

“We would be appreciative if we can cooperate and see how we can be assisted to build the capacity of our professionals.”

Minister Hassan also gave Ambassador Palma a brief summary of the newly reached agreement with IMF for the Fund to support the Government of Seychelles Economic Reform Programme.

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