Launching of online payment system by SNPA

May 03, 2021

Minister Naadir Hassan has welcomed the launching of the online payment system set up by the Seychelles National Parks Authority, SNPA.

In his speech at the launch this afternoon, Minister Hassan noted that by setting up the online payment system, the SNPA is getting ‘on board the Government’s plan to digitalise its services’.

“The online payment system which the government is pushing all its entities to adopt is important and necessary, as a lot of emphasis is being put on accountability and transparency, especially so, in revenue collection.”

He said an organization, such as SNPA cannot afford not to adopt to new technological advancement, taking into account that majority of its clients are tourists.

“The online payment system being launched today will bring in more business for SNPA, and the country, because now with click of a button, clients can pay for your services anywhere in the world and that is the modern Seychelles, the Government wants to see.”

The online payment system for SNPA is a joint venture between the Government of Seychelles, Global Environment Facility and the UNDP Protected Area Finance Project.

Below of some photos from the event.

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